Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter and Producer

Matthew C. Bauder is a guitarist, singer/songwriter and producer of guitar driven music with heavy pop, rock and blues influences.  Born and raised in Alburtis, PA, Matthew was a lover of music since he can remember.  He first started playing guitar at the age of 17 and began writing original songs as soon as he could put two chords and a poorly sung melody together.  After several years of failed attempts at getting any resemblance of a music career started with a band, Matthew moved to Los Angeles with a longtime friend and fellow attempted band mate, to see if their luck would change for the better on the west coast.  As luck would have it, it didn’t; but a new found love for the bass guitar and the ability to sing in tune (for the most part) and play some chords and a melody on the piano came as a result. 

In 2000, with his new found skills, Matthew began recording a few of his songs in his bare bones home studio and fell in love with the recording process.  His songs soon began evolving with more complex arrangements and themes and quickly grew in number.  Over the next three years Matthew recorded his first two albums: “Torn”, under the fictitious band name The Halberds and “A Comb For The Cosmos” under the moniker Alien Mustache, both of which were all instrumental works that were never publicly released. 



Matthew continued to hone on his writing and recording skills, and in 2011 released his self-produced album, “Magnitude” under the Alien Mustache alias.  He completed his third Alien Mustache album, “Escalation” shortly after and released several tracks online, however the full album was never released until 2018.   

A fully remastered version of "Magnitude" is now available here for free download and "Escalation" is available for purchase here

In 2016 Matthew partnered with a fellow Los Angeles singer/songwriter Cole Fraley to form The Idle Persuaders and write and record a collaborative 11 track country album entitled Bel Esprit, which can be found here.

Matthew C. Bauder's fifth solo album entitled “How To Make A Dime” is now available here on his website

Download the title track now for free!

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