Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter and Producer


Matthew C. Bauder is a guitarist, singer/songwriter, and producer of guitar driven music that primarily blends one or more rock subgenres, but sometimes also wanders into pop, country, blues, folk and jazz realms as well.

Born and raised in the small rural town of Alburtis, Pennsylvania, one of Matthew’s first musical influences was watching syndicated reruns of The Monkees and playing along to the music on his set of cheap bongo drums.  

When he was 11, MTV hit the airwaves and he couldn’t take his eyes or ears off of the magic of music and all the spectacle that went along with it.  The 80’s pop on MTV, along with classic rock of the 70’s and 80’s that was played on the local radio stations, caused Matthew to fall madly in love with bands like Boston, Kiss, ZZ Top and The Cars, putting the desire in him to want to be a real musician. 

On his 17th birthday Matthew was gifted an acoustic guitar and he began writing original songs as soon as he could put two chords and a melody together.  Soon after, he purchased an electric guitar, and spent the next few years trying to get momentum going in several bands in Pennsylvania.  Failing to do so, he decided to move to Los Angeles with a long-time friend and fellow attempted bandmate for a change in scenery. It was there where Matthew first began learning the art of home recording and started writing, recording, mixing and producing his own albums. 

Over the course of three years, Matthew recorded several works under the moniker of "Alien Mustache" and officially released two of them, entitled "Magnitude" and "Escalation".

In 2020, Matthew decided to lose the Alien Mustache moniker and promote his musical productions as himself, releasing his “How To Make A Dime” album under his real name of Matthew C. Bauder. 

Matthew just released his seventh solo album "S-p_a_c-e-d_o_u_b-t" , which can be found here and continues to seek collaborative opportunities within the music industry as a guitarist, songwriter, artist, and producer.