1. Four Chords

From the recording Escalation

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A pop punk song about the current public opinions


Some of us are born to live
While most are born to die
And all of the impossible
Is possible when tried.

And some would say that art is only - made by the insane, only the insane.
And crazy are the one's that will - leave their mark of fame, tattooed on your brain, just like what's his name, Yeah!

Love is dead and long forgotten
Sex is all we want.
The media will force it’s way
Into every lover’s haunt.

And some would say that youth today is simply out of touch, really out of touch
But they had never had the will - to ever live so much, slammin' down scotch, just like such and such, Yeah!

People speaking their minds, but what they say, it don't mean anything.
'Cause the world they knew has long been gone, but they're still here.
And they long for a time when thing were simpler, or so they say.
They won't embrace the changes of our world, and so they live in fear.
Year after year. Yeah they live in fear. So why are they still here?

Fashion isn’t everything
If everything is dead.
And rock and roll is here to stay
It never need be said.

And some would argue music isn’t music anymore, music anymore
But they had never rocked this hard with only four chords, on the fretboard, don't need any more, Yeah!