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“The Story of Samson and Luna” is a Romantic Waltz Duet that pulses, plods, floats, soars and pounds its way along a sonic journey that takes you through time and space itself with shimmering synths, simple piano, ambient guitars, deep bass, powerful drums, and heartfelt male and female vocals.


Verse 1
This Sun is so bright
And it’s there all the time
There’s never a shadow
There’s only the light
Yet sometimes I have
These feelings inside
Where I wish
I had some-
Place to hide

Verse 2
This Moon is so cold
So lifeless and dark
No air for a flame
Not even a spark
Yet sometimes I feel
This warmth in my heart
That reminds
Me that I’m
Still Alive

Chorus 1
Perhaps there’s a place
Not too far away
Where a moon lights the night
And a sun lights the day
Where shadows can play
And love lights the way
To a place I’m no longer alone

Verse 3
With an unending day
I’m longing for rest
A deep peaceful sleep
And this weight off my chest
A smile on my face
And dream in my head
Of a place
Where I sleep

Verse 4
I’m still as a stone
Limbs rigid and dead
My head is so heavy
With worry and dread
My face is a frozen
Expression of death
But inside
My heart beats
Like a drum

Chorus 2
Perhaps there’s a place
Not too far from here
Where the darkness is somewhere
Where I’d disappear
And the warmth of your love
Would always be near
To remind me I’m no longer alone
To remind me I’m no longer alone
To remind me I’m no longer alone